Random situations often force us to make difficult and significant financial decisions. We do not always have time to implement them, and even more so to expect actions from the bank. Can it be improved? Are there non-bank institutions that will financially support and bypass paper and stack of documents required to implement our assistance? What are proof loans and are they safe for our portfolio? Who gives them at all and can we get them via online sites?

Learn how to get a payday loan online

Payday loans are also available online and they are mainly offered by https://www.paydayloanhelpers.com/ site.

Although the loan for an ID seems to be an easier and less complicated option to get, it must meet several necessary conditions. Of course, every facility has different requirements, which is why we will focus on the most common and most frequently observed.

  1. Proof scan – as the name implies, the necessary documents are proof of identity, which is a necessary document confirming the borrower’s credibility. This step is the first step to verify that there is no phishing
  2. Not existing in the National Debt Register database or in the Credit Information Bureau. Both registers keep a record of unpaid liabilities, calling them debts. It is possible for the lender to see it in this register, thus minimizing the chance of getting a financial commitment
  3. Meeting age requirements – currently, payday loans are given to people over 20 and over 70 years of age.
  4. Having a bank account, mobile phone, and email address – except that the bank account must be rewritten to the person taking the loan.
  5. Most often, the so-called verification transfer (of a small amount), which will confirm the existence of funds. This transfer should be made from our account assigned to our name

One negative decision does not decide on other possible decisions of non-bank branches. This means that you can keep trying in other places. No decision is translated into the decisions of other companies.

Online loans with proof – who grants them?

Online loans with proof - who grants them?

Currently, there are many companies that provide non-bank services that provide the possibility of providing loans – payday loans. They operate both via the Internet (so they can be requested remotely) and have fixed offices. As the name implies, an ID is required to obtain the described loan. These companies have no common denominator with banks.

Here is a list of a few examples of companies in the industry:

  • Fast Cash – with a maximum amount of PLN 5,000
  • Vivu.pl – with a maximum amount of PLN 2,500
  • Wandoo – with a maximum amount of PLN 1,500
  • Filarum.pl – with a maximum amount of PLN 1,000
    Of course, as mentioned above, proof alone in any of these companies is not a guarantee of getting a certain amount of money.

Online loans – are they secure?

As always with these questions, the answer is: it depends. We have a whole lot of companies on the market offering us payday loans. Some of them work safely, openly demonstrating and emphasizing the rules prevailing there. They are not always occasional and ultimately cost-effective, but they are at least clear and transparent. The decision to accept them always depends on us. However, there are companies – and here we should light a red lamp – that offer everything for a small contribution and a small cost for ourselves. Often their action is lined with small prints, which later tear our pocket even more. According to a report from recent years, the popularity of payday loans is growing, and the number of 4% of users (2013) has long been forgotten. This means that the level of trust is increasing. In order to ensure the safety of the selected company, it is worth going to the so-called Association of Loan Companies. It is also worth asking about the total cost of the loan and reading the documents several times.

Loan as proof – you can also take it online!

Do you need extra cash for your expenses? In this case, you can also receive it online. For an online loan, all you need is your ID card, so we have the money at your fingertips!

At present, loans are very easy to obtain. Both banks and non-bank companies are tempted by them, which usually offers them on even more favorable terms. When we need an injection of cash, we can receive funds with them within several minutes and spend them for any purpose. We only need an ID card, which will be our identity document. However, it is not always sufficient, because we also have to meet additional requirements. What should we remember about it?

Evidence loan not for everyone?

It would seem that all we need is an ID card to take out a loan. In fact, however, we must remember that it will also be necessary to meet other requirements set by loan companies and banks.

First of all, we must have adequate creditworthiness. This is checked through special debtors’ databases. We can get to such databases mainly if we do not pay our debt for a month or a long time, but also when we do not pay a subscription for telephone, internet or cable, we do not pay bills, fines or maintenance. When we are in the database as a debtor, then for a company lending us money we are not a trustworthy partner, therefore it may refuse us a loan as proof.

In addition, we must remember that we will not receive a very large amount from the loan as proof. Since we do not have to provide employer certificates or other documents confirming our income, the maximum amount that we can borrow is around PLN 10,000. So it is not very high, but we can easily cover various obligations.

How do you get a loan for proof online?

At the beginning, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the various offers that are available to us. For this purpose, we can use special loan rankings and comparison websites. On each page of the loan company, we will also be able to find calculators that will help us calculate the cost of the loan. When we choose the one that is right for us, we can start to create an account and complete the application – we must also enter our data from the proof. Then we go through a special verification procedure, which usually involves transferring the sum of 1 zloty or 1 penny by transfer to the loan company’s account.

After verification, our application is considered – usually, we will receive a decision within a few minutes after sending it. Soon afterward we will be able to receive money to our bank account – even on the same day!